Grădina Botanică Națională(Institut) "Alexandru Ciubotaru"

Tropical plants laboratory

                                                                                            Tropical plants laboratory

History: Founded in 1983. From 1972 until 1983, closed group of land plants has worked in the laboratory of floriculture. The first chief and founder of the laboratory was a doctor in biology K.Dvoreaninova. From 1991 until present - PhD in biology V.Ţîmbalî.

The current structure of the laboratory: Valentina Timbalî, Doctor in Biology, head of laboratory; Natalia Toderaş, PhD in biology, senior researcher; Elena Murzac, researcher;
Victoria Guşanov, junior researcher; Sergiu Rogaciano, junior researcher; Lilia Grigori, specialist coordinator; Nina Iatco specialist; Olga Ionescu, specialist; Theodora Vdovicenco specialist.

Main directions of research:

  • Mobilization, research and introduction of new plant taxa of protected land;
  • Maintaining of allochthonous greenhouse plants genetic fund;
  • Use of the most important species in the Moldavian economy

Other activities

  • Training and environmental education of the population (lessons - excursions)
  • Development project of various types of interior
  • Organization of specialized seminars, exhibitions etc.








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