Grădina Botanică Națională(Institut) "Alexandru Ciubotaru"

Plant Resources Laboratory


Plant Resources Laboratory

History: Introduction, research and recovery of plants resources, including medicinal, aromatic plants and content data of active principles, possibilities of multiplication. In the 60s were mainly studied many species of wild flora, different spices and forage, components of the flora of Moldova began with the organization of Botanical Garden in 1950. Early research was based on the accumulation of genetic fund per physical and geographical areas. In the period 1970-1990, after moving the Botanical Garden to another area, was founded and studied a collection of 540 species, varieties, forms which was placed on area of 0.5 ha. A high contribution to research had: (M. Ivanova, Şavorscaia Т., M. Lupascu. V. Florea, M. Bodrug, A. Teleuta, C.Lupu, Coltun M., N. Ciocârlan).



Research directions: Research, introduction and use of medicinal, aromatic and feed plants in various branches of national economy.

Research and results:


  • Created collections of herbs, medicinal and fodder plants;
  • Identified and introduced 100 species of medicinal plants and herbs from wild flora;
  • Developed technology for cultivation of forage species Galega orientalis, for green mass production.


  •  Patent inventions: 14



     Were published 10 monographs and over 800 scientific papers