Grădina Botanică Națională(Institut) "Alexandru Ciubotaru"

Floriculture laboratory

   Floriculture laboratory




In 1951, the laboratory "Floriculture" was a group within the newly created Botanical Garden. Later in 1972, it received status of laboratory. The first leader was Dr. in Agricultural sciences Nina Sarova. From 1977 to 2006 the laboratory worked led by Dr. habilitate, man emeritus in science - Victor Sava.
The assortment of flower plants, which had been modest at the beginnings, later evolved in unique collections. Through genetic analysis and mobilizing resources from different parts of the globe, during these years, over 5000 taxa were evaluated.

                                     The current structure of the laboratory

Tatiana Sirbu, PhD in biology, laboratory head;

Cleşnina Ludmila, Ph.D. in agriculture, senior researcher;
Voineac Ina, Doctor in Biology, Senior Researcher;Constantin Eudochia, senior specialist;
Cuciurcă Tatiana, junior researcher;
Larisa Lupu, coordinating specialist;
Moraru Maria, specialist;
Borodin Emilia, technician.



Main directions of research

  • Mobilization, introduction, research, maintenance and use of decorative plants.
  • Flower plant breeding in order to obtain varieties with distinguished decorative indices, with high productivity and resistance, which is aligned to the modern requirements.

Other activities


Training and education of young generation.
Landscape development projects.
Organization of specialized seminars, exhibitions etc.