Grădina Botanică Națională(Institut) "Alexandru Ciubotaru"

Geobotany and forestry laboratory

                                                                                 Geobotany and forestry laboratory


Geobotany and forestry research have been conducted in several laboratories in the Botanical Garden. During yy.1950-1980 were conducted to forestry and geobotany research by the scientific collaborators, first of the group, and then in 1964 in flora and geobotany laboratory, by the Tatiana Gheideman corresponding member of Academy of Sciences of Moldova . Forestry research between 1970 and 1980 was made by the scientific staff of laboratory “the research of problems of dry oak”, led by dr. in agriculture Iu. Kravciuk. In the 1980-2010 forestry and geobotany research was done by the scientists of the geobotany and forestry laboratory, led by dr. Gh.Postolache.

The current structure of the laboratory

Postolache Gheorghe, doctor, professor, head of laboratory; Lazu Stefan, doctor of biology, researcher, Aliona Miron, Ph.D. in biology, senior researcher, Cuza Petru, Ph.D. in biology, senior researcher; Talmaci Ludmila, researcher probationer; Ghenadie Titică researcher, Veronica Botnărescu , specialist.

Conservation of native plant diversity in Moldova.

Conservation in situ and ex situ of native plant diversity of the Republic of Moldova

 Research theme :Phytocenotic and floristic research of protected natural areas to develop recommendations to optimize the conservation of plant diversity.


 In the geobotany research were :

- Highlighted regularities of training and spread of forest communities, steppe, meadow, aquatic and swamp;
- Emphasized phytocenotic diversity and made up the Vegetation Prodrome of Moldova;
- Developed classification of forest vegetation, steppe and meadow;
- Drawn vegetation map and geobotanical zone map of Moldova;
- Developed recommendations for the protection of valuable vegetation areas in Moldova

 In the forestry research was highlighted:

- Population diversity of oaks (Quercus robur) (P. Cuza)
- have been shown and described new types of forests (Gh.Postolache)
- regularities of oak, beech and other species regeneration in the north Moldavian cutting areas of the forests (Gh.Postolache).
- Ecological and physiological factors influence the formation and spread of major forest types (V, Chirtoaca St.Lazu,);
- Fitomass and biological productivity of trees, shrubs and herbs layer of forest ecosystems (T. Gheideman, V.Chirtoaca St.Lazu, Gh.Postolache).
- Affected areas by oak trees drying up and causes of oak trees drying up (1970-1980) (I. Kravchuk, D. Gociu, A. Priseaginiuk).
- Genetic resources of oak, beech, field maple, sycamore, maple, ash, white poplar (Gh.Postolache, Şt.Lazu, dr.Postolache, I. Palancean);
- Forest cover of Moldova (Gh.Postolache);
- Forest composition and structure of protection of agroecosystems, along the roads, rivers and lakes (Gh.Postolache, St. Lazu, V. Chirtoaca).
Based on collected information and outlined laws were developed:

- The concept of optimizing the network of protected areas for biodiversity conservation (2002)
- The concept of litter component of forest ecosystems (1976).
- Description of the protected area concept (2005).
- The concept of forest cover (2008)

New definitions : The type of litter (1976), biocenotic oasis (1987), biome (2002), forest cover (2008), standard stand (2002), zone with the whole protection (2003), microexhibition (2010).

New methods of research:

- Method for locating the permanent network of forest reservation area (1994);
- Method of creating forest strips  in orchards (1984.1985);
- Method of research of protected areas (2002)..
- Tree systematization method (Postolache, 2008)


- Recommendations for establishing a new areas protected by the State (1987,1998,2000);
- Recommendations for the creation of forest belts (1987.1995);
- Recommendations for the creation of forest plantations in the water basins (1987);
- Recommendations and guidelines regarding the fight against drought (coauthor) (1995);
- Recommendations for the conservation of forest genetic resources of oak.
- Recommendations about silvotechnical works in forests damaged by glazed frost in November 2000 (2001).


- Vegetation map of Moldova. Scale 1:1 500 000 (1995,2001,2002);
- Geobotany zone of the Republic of Moldova. Scale 1:4 000 000 (1994,1995,2002);
- Rare plants. 1:1 500 000 (1999, 2002);
- Medicinal herbs. 1:1 500 000 (2002);
- The distribution map of beech in south-eastern Europe;
- The distribution map of common oak in south-eastern Europe
- The distribution map of pedunculate oak in south-eastern Europe;

 International collaboration:

Participation at the conferences and scientific symposiums. The scientific staff of geobotany and forestry laboratory have been participated with reports at scientific conferences and symposiums in the country and abroad: Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Estonia, France, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine, Hungary.

 Participation at the national and international projects.

Initiation of the project: research of forest genetic resources in deciduous forests of South-Eastern Europe, which was accomplished with scientists from Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Luxembourg and Moldova (1997-2001).

Participation at international programs.
Gh.Postolache is national coordinator of the European programme EUFORGEN from 1997.
Gh.Postolache is national coordinator of the European programme Europe plant from 2002

Doctor habilitate and PhD defended theses.

One thesis of habilitate doctor was defended :
Postolache George: "The vegetation of Moldova" (1996).
3 Ph.D. theses in biology:
Cuza Petru - "Population structure of oak (Quercus robur L.) in Moldova" Chisinau” (1994).
Aliona Miron: "The diversity of vegetation in meadows of small river on left of middle Prut" (2009)
Covali Victoria: "Biodiversity of protected areas in the middle meadow of Prut "(2009)

  1. Botanical Garden structure.

It was developed exhibition "Vegetation of Moldova" (surface 14 ha) which includes the types of vegetation in Moldova.


Geobotany laboratory staff have published over 400 scientific papers in journals, textbooks and encyclopaedias of which 10 monographs and four brochures;



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