National Botanical Garden(Institute) "Alexandru Ciubotaru"

Laboratory of spontaneous flora and herbarium

        Founded in 1950 by the member-cor. T. Gheideman (1950-1965 - Flora and geobotany group, 1965-1992 - Laboratory of Flora and geobotany, 1992 - present laboratory of spontaneous flora and herbarium.
The first floristic research in the laboratory was devoted to inventory work of taxonomic composition of spontaneous plant world of the republic, studying flora and vegetation in the rational exploitation and conservation of natural communities. This phase of research was completed by editing the Identification Manual "Opredeliteli rastenii Moldavscoi SSR" (T.Gheideman, 1954), later followed by two editions (Gheideman T., 1975, 1986). Geobotany study of forest vegetation, steppe and meadow resulted in classification of geobotany, development of the classification of forest types of the country (Gheideman and other 1964).
In the laboratory, from 1962 has been initiated the research of bryophyte in Moldova. Based on a thorough study was highlighted their specific composition, performed environmental, geographical analysis and highlighted their phytocenotic role. Since 1977, within the group of plants with germs were made researches, of lichenophyta (Dr. Gh.Simonov), of macromycetes mushrooms (Dr. St. Manic.). The research has revealed the taxonomic composition of lichens and macromycetes mushrooms in Moldova.
In the structure of Flora and geobotany Laboratory in 1972 was created a group of Palaeobotany (founder by Acad. A. Negru), with a fundamental new direction for research on "Miocene Flora of the northwest Black Sea". The research has been conducted based on material collected from more than 60 Miocene outcrops through paleocarphological, paleopalinological and paleofoliological methods, over 500 paleofloristic taxa were identified, of which 150 species were found to be new to science.
In the laboratory also were conducted paleoetnobotanical investigations, aimed to highlight the development history of crop plants (from archaeological excavations) in northwestern Black Sea Basin (Dr. hab. in biological sciences Z.Ianuşevici). Paleoetnobotanic Material from the region of study and neighboring regions highlights the evolutionary process and migration of the main crops in northwestern Black Sea Basin.
Since 1993, research in the laboratory have been focused on addressing the topic "Specifying taxonomic composition of the natural flora of Basarabia, the study of biological, ecological, chorological features" and editing the monograph "Illustrated Flora of Basarabia" in six volumes. Volumes I-IV are ready for editing.

                                                                                  The current structure of the laboratory

Ştefărţa Ana, PhD, emeritus in science, main scientific researcher ;
Sabanova Galina, PhD in biology, associate researcher, scientific researcher coordinator;
Cantemir Valentina, Doctor of Biology, associate researcher, researcher coordinator;
Izverscaia Tatiana, PhD in biology, associate researcher, researcher coordinator;
Ghendov Veaceslav, Doctor of Biology, associate researcher, researcher coordinator;
Olga Ionita, junior researcher;
Rotari Maria, coordinating specialist


      During the last decades, laboratory members have made a number of scientific works with fundamental and practical character.
Established genetic fund of spontaneous flora of Moldova (vascular plants - 1837, moss - 160, lichens - 134, and macromycetes mushrooms - over 300 taxa).
Highlighted the country's forest typology.
Highlighted areas of forest standard.
Revealed composition of rare species and elaborated a list of species included in the Red Book.
Were developed Cleome Cronoflora-of Eurasia and Hadobiogenical conceptions on the origin of life on the Earth.
Set over 150 paleofloristic taxa new for science.
Created Botanical Gardens Herbarium consisting of over 190 thousand desiccators.
Published monographs: “Растительный мир Молдавии” in 5 volumes.
Red Book of Moldova. Plants, ed. I, II.
Rare plants from spontaneous flora of the country.
Vegetal world of Moldova. Flowering plants - I, vol. 2.
Vegetal world of Moldova. Flowering plants - II, vol. 3.
Plant Identification Manual of flora of Moldova.

      In the laboratory were defended 6 habilitate doctoral theses and 26 –Doctor of Biology, edited around 30 monographs, identification manuals, brochures and more than 500 scientific articles, a patent for invention.
The laboratory staff in the next four years will work under the theme "Research of vascular flora of the Republic of Moldova and neighboring territories”, highlighting the taxonomic composition for development of Red Book and editing the monograph “Flora of Bessarabia".


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